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* 4th International Training School on “Convective and volcanic clouds detection, monitoring and modeling”.

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Nicolosi - Etna, Italy, 28 September – 6 October, 2018

This training school is organized by researchers of Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council (ISAC-CNR), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB), the Oxford University, the University of Sofia and the University of Trieste.

The purpose of the School is to train students with outstanding research interest in the techniques allowing to detect, monitor, and model convective and volcanic clouds, to gain knowledge of the instruments and satellite missions (present and future) and to be able to support such kind of studies for supporting policy makers, early warning systems and aviation safety.

The extreme atmospheric event cloud detection is a high multidisciplinary and challenging topic since the same techniques and instruments can be used for meteorology, volcanic monitoring, atmospheric physics and climate purposes. Within all these fields there are still many unsolved issues making this school fundamental for creating a new generation of scientists able to use the synergy of several different instruments and techniques.

Each topic includes keynote plenary lectures with in-depth discussion. The school will consist of lectures combined with the practical application of the material covered in the lectures through introductory lab sessions and a set of research problems that will form the core of the School. Through the introductory keynotes invited lectures, the students will be introduced to all the issues and challenges of the convective and volcanic clouds detection, monitoring and modeling, gaining an overview of the state of the art and the future development.

All the participants are expected to give a short talk or to present a poster about their own research; the selection of the talks will be done through evaluation process as in a regular conference. The students will leave the school with an increased understanding of the cutting-edge research questions and with the perspective of creating some future projects in this field also thanks to the network created during the school with the lecturers and other students.

Keynote lecturers
Roy Gordon Grainger (Univ. of Oxford, UK)
Fred Prata (AIRES Ltd, UK)
Dorinel Visoiu (ROMATSA, Romania)
Marcello Miglietta (ISAC-CNR, Italy)
Mike Pavolonis (NOAA, USA)

Riccardo Biondi (INGV, Italy)
Tatjana Bolic (Univ. of Trieste, Italy)
Hugues Brenot (BIRA, Belgium)
Elisa Carboni (Univ. of Oxford, UK)
Stefano Corradini (INGV, Italy)
Guergana Guerova (Univ. of Sofia, Bulgaria)
Nina Kristiansen (MetOffice, UK)
Lorenzo Labrador (WMO)
Mario Montopoli (ISAC-CNR, Italy)
Giuseppe Salerno (INGV, Italy)
Simona Scollo (INGV, Italy)
Mark Woodhouse (Univ. of Bristol, UK)

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