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*Call for postdoctoral fellowship in Physics/Meteorology.

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IUSS  Pavia offers a postdoctoral position for research activity in Physics/Meteorology.

Holistic approach for the RISK assessment of natural disasters
The selected candidate will be part of a research project of the Centre of Excellence “IUSS 2018-2022 – Line 1”, “Holistic approach for the assessment of natural disaster risk and critical infrastructure  resilience”. Furthermore, s/he will contribute to the work of the  inter-university research centre on climate change and its impact, supported by “IUSS Pavia”, “Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna” and “Scuola Normale Superiore” of Pisa.   
His/her contribution could include:
  • The definition of  procedures that could be applied to evaluate risks linked to different  types of natural disasters (floods, extreme precipitation events,  droughts, …);
  • The application of  numerical models and post-processing codes to evaluate the impact of  climate change on risk factors linked to natural disasters;  
  • The development of models to evaluate the resilience of complex structures, including critical ones;
  • The identification of sustainable actions that could mitigate risks;
  • The evaluation and/or  the development of innovative approaches that could lead to risk  transfer, including financing and insurance instruments;
  • The application of innovative statistical models, e.g. linked to machine learning, to analyse and extract valuable information from huge amounts of data;
  • The development of methodologies to take uncertainty into account when estimating the risk linked to rare events.
Applicants must hold a PhD in Meteorology, Climatology, Natural Hazards, Extreme Events or equivalent.
The  value of the fellowship is € 24.426,00 gross for 12 months with the  possibility of extension for further years subject to satisfactory  progress.
The application must be submitted through the online form available at https://pica.cineca.it/iuss/assegni-sts-2019-02/

The deadline for the application is the 10-02-2019, 23:59 CET.

The IUSS University is located in the beautiful city of Pavia, North of Italy.
For more information, please consult the Call for Applications at IUSS (see Annex in English)
Contact details for submission of applications: valentina.zerbo@iusspavia.it
Contact details for enquiries about the research topic: mario.martina@iusspavia.it

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